Twonky Server 8.4.1-41

   The page is provided as a service for Twonky Forum users, so you can download the embedded builds of Twonky 8.4.1.
   Please note that these builds are provided as is and that Lynx Technology provides no further support.

   If you are looking for updates for Mac, Windows or Linux PC version of Twonky 8.4.1, please visit Twonky.
   For all versions – PC as well as embedded – you will need to purchase a license from our online store to run them beyond the trial period.

   Please also note that if you are having trouble entering your license key or if it is not saved correctly the workaround is to delete the “appdata” folder.
   You can retrieve the path by entering: http://yourip:9000/rpc/get_option?appdata

   Twonky Server 8.4.1 Release Notes